The Open Avenues Build Fellowship

We offer a cap-exempt H-1B visa program that enables top global talent to build careers, while contributing to the social and economic success of the United States.

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Build Fellows move America forward

buildING and growING companies and careers in the US

In collaboration with the immigration experts at The Build Fellowship, Open Avenues Foundation is proud to offer a competitive part-time employment opportunity for foreign national founders and experts seeking immigration solutions to live, work, and build in the US.

The Open Avenues Build Fellowship:

  • Advances the mission of US colleges, universities, and research organizations
  • Prepares US college students and Americans for the workforce of tomorrow
  • Increases the competitiveness of US companies and the economy
  • Provides the greatest talent in the world the chance to realize their American dream
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Immigration solutions for Build Fellows

CAP-EXEMPT h-1b sponsorship

The Open Avenues Build Fellowship is a cap-exempt H-1B visa solution for foreign nationals who work part-time for 5 hours per week, supporting the missions of our partner universities and research organizations.

After a 6-8 week onboarding, Fellows work part-time in the Build Fellowship and are able to work full-time for U.S. companies.

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Fellowship Requirements

  • A Bachelor's degree or equivalent work experience in a field that aligns with the role you will be performing in your fellowship
  • The drive and availability to dedicate 5+ hours weekly to support the work of our education and research partners
  • Be an exceptional talent who meets the standards for Build Fellows who contribute to the mission of the Open Avenues Build Fellowship. This is determined by your educational and professional experience. Founding a company that has at least $250,000 in available funding or having an employer willing to sponsor you for a concurrent H-1B are examples of additional factors that can support your application.
  • Have a funder willing to support the costs of your fellowship
  • Fellows are accepted on a rolling basis and can start the program at any time of the year
  • Fellowships last a minimum of six months and up to three years
  • An additional three year extension is possible
  • Work 5 hours per week remotely with our education and research partners:
  • 1-on-1 lecture and mentorship sessions
  • Ongoing, cutting-edge research and writing
  • Experiential learning projects in your specialized field
  • Hours are flexible based on Fellow schedule
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Ketaki Adhikari

Open Avenues [Build Fellowship] changed my life for the better! Not only did it do so in the most obvious way (set up an immigration pathway in the U.S.) but it also helped me discover my own leadership and management skills.

Ketaki Adhikari
Principal Research Associate
Foghorn Therapeutics

Carole Sioufi

Over the course of my fellowship, I felt so fulfilled. I learned a lot from the students. They helped me reflect on my own journey and understand all the steps I took in order to end up here. Being able to support students by way of knowledge, connection, and expertise was very powerful.

Carole Sioufi
Market Research Analyst

Bahia Ed Oddi

As a Moroccan woman, it is a blessing to work with Open Avenues on our shared mission to empower under-represented student populations with the skills that drive a prosperous U.S. economy. By engaging students in my startup, I am promoting what remains the core of U.S. strength: diversity.

Bahia Ed Oddi

Vaclav Hasenohrl

I love Open Avenues’ mission – it’s truly a win-win scenario. Fellows struggling with obtaining legal work authorization in the U.S. can stay in this country, and as a result they can share their knowledge and experience with a lot of students. Many times they are from underrepresented communities, around the whole country.

Vaclav Hasenohrl
Software Engineer

Open Avenues students
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